Dr. Marvin and Fay Neill

Founders of Revelation of the Word Church

Revelation of the Word Church teaches the Word of God in a simple, systematic, and chronological order, making it easy to understand. The vision for this type of church was placed in the heart of Dr. Neill in the 1970’s. But that was not really the beginning. God had both Marvin and Fay in training for this ministry practically all of their lives. They were both born into Christian families. Each of them accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord while they were still youngsters. As they reached their early teenage years, they each became youth leaders in their respective churches. Fay became recognized for her ability to write Christian youth programs. Marvin had the youth group of his church kneeling at the church altar even though that was not a common practice in his church.

The Bible College has not come to fruition as of yet. Marvin is waiting on God to send the people with the knowledge of how to build such a school. Also, finances have not been provided at this point. So, Marvin is waiting on God.

In the meantime, Marvin and Fay have pastored a total of 25 years and been the directors of a mega church’s Adult Bible School. The commentary that God gave to Marvin has been used as the circumlum for the Bible School and the source of many sermons. It has also been taught on the Neills’ weekly television program over the past sixteen years.

On August 26, 2012, God instructed Marvin and Fay to step out on faith and start a new church called REVELATION OF THE WORD CHURCH. Though still small numerically, it is now global. The television programs can be streamed live. They are also presented in sequence on Roku, Google TV, and Amazon Fire. (For more information, see the page regarding the outreaches.

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